Art Camp in a Box FAQ

1. When will my Art Camp in a Box ship?

All shipping will take place when all orders are filled by our team and ship no later than the cutoff date for orders, depending on your session:

  • June 15-19 Session: Orders Shipped by June 6

  • July 13-17 Session: Orders Shipped by July 3

  • August 3-7 Session: Orders Shipped by July 25

2. Does the Art Camp in a Box come with all the supplies I'll need?

Yes! Art Camp in a Box comes with ALL supplies, like paint, canvas, paper, and even cellophane and tape to wrap your projects and keep them looking great for years to come. The only things you'll need to supply from your home are 

  • Scissors
  • Water jar for painting
  • Toothpicks, for clay sculpting
  • Magazine images for printmaking projects (Advanced Only!)

3. How many projects come in each box? 

There are TEN projects in each box! You can preview all of the projects on the description page for the session you're looking at enrolling.

Check out the BEGINNER projects and the ADVANCED projects in our unboxing videos on YouTube!

4. What time is the ZOOM class?

All enrolled artists are welcome to join Kim in her live ZOOM class! Beginner and Advanced sessions are at different times (all times are in PST):

  • June 15-19 Beginner Session: 8:30am PST - 12:00pm PST

  • June 15-19 Advanced Session: 1pm PST - 4:30pm PST

  • July 13-17 Beginner Session: 8:30am PST - 12:00pm PST

  • July 13-17 Advanced Session: 1pm PST - 4:30pm PST

  • August 3-7 Beginner Session: 8:30am PST - 12:00pm PST

  • August 3-7 Advanced Session: 1pm PST - 4:30pm PST

If it’s your first time Zooming, make sure to sign up for a ZOOM account prior to your virtual camp starting time. Learn more about ZOOM at! You'll want to plan a set up a place where you can view from your device at a table with enough table top space to make our cool art projects.

5. I'm in a different timezone or cannot attend the live ZOOM classes with Kim. Can I still make the projects?

YES! All students get access to BOTH live Zoom classes with Kim and classmates and tutorial videos for each project, so projects can be done at their own time during the summer.

6. I love art and have most of the supplies. Can I purchase just the classes?

Yes! You can purchase the bundle of all 10 videos PLUS a bonus video here

7. Do I need to choose between ZOOM class or Tutorial Videos?

No. Every enrollment includes BOTH access to Kim's LIVE Zoom class where you can join her and all of your classmates OR tutorial videos for you to watch anytime.